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Helping our consumers to get the services they need, when they need them, in a way that is most suited to them.

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Creating a health literate service environment
We support consumers when they come to our organisation by:
making it easy for them to find their way (eg. we have clear signs in plain English)
providing a comfortable and welcoming environment
ensuring all staff are welcoming and offer information and opportunities for questions
making it clear what consumers need to do, without lots of written information.
Supporting consumers to understand and use our services
We support consumers to use our services by:
helping them understand what we can and cannot offer
being clear about any risks or costs involved
helping them understand and use any unfamiliar processes, such as electronic systems.
Identifying and addressing consumer issues with the systems and services they use
We work with consumers and other key people in the community to:
make it easier for consumers to access and navigate these systems and services
help consumers to access feedback and complaints mechanisms for other services.
find out what makes it hard for consumers to use other important systems and services they need (such as Centrelink, or the mental health system)
We identify issues that make it hard for consumers to use our service (such as transport or child care access) and work with them to make it easier.
Making clear pathways for consumers to other services
We support consumers to connect easily with other services by:
having processes in place to make sure our information on other community services and resources is up to date
informing consumers about available services and any costs associated with them
informing consumers about any referrals we make for them, including any steps needed to get there
informing consumers about what information we need to share with other services they are referred to, and asking them if they would like us to share any other information
following up with consumers after a referral is made to see if any more support is needed.