Consumer Involvement

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Involving consumers in organisational planning and evaluation processes, and supporting them to be experts on their own needs and wellbeing.

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Involving consumers as experts in their own health, wellbeing, and service needs
We support consumers to develop their own goals and plans in their engagement with our service.
We make sure consumers have the information and support they need to give meaningful informed consent at all times.
We respect consumers’ decisions about involving or not involving families or other support people.
When collecting and storing personal information about consumers, we:
seek consent from consumers
make sure consumers know how to access their own information
only collect information necessary for our service
Getting feedback from consumers.
We seek feedback from consumers and other key people (such as carers, other service providers, and community members) about:
our services
our resources and consumer documents
our Health Literacy Action Plan
continuous quality improvement.
We have a clear compliments and complaints procedure and encourage consumers to use this.
Involving consumers in organisational planning and decision-making processes.
We seek the views and participation of consumers and other key people (such as carers and community members) in:
planning our services
planning and designing resources and documents for consumers
developing our Health Literacy Action Plan
strategic planning and decision-making (for example, having consumer advisory groups or consumer Board members).