Leadership and Management

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Valuing health literacy as part of our culture and core business, working towards health literacy goals, and demonstrating leadership in the community by working with others to improve health literacy.

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Valuing health literacy as part of our core business
We check the health literacy understanding of management and Board members on a regular basis, and offer skills development.
We seek advice about health literacy from experts in the field (including our consumers).
Our Mission Statement and policies support health literacy.
We have one or more people in our organisation who are responsible for keeping health literacy on our radar (such as a health literacy champion or team).
Setting and achieving health literacy goals
We talk about health literacy in our planning processes and specify health literacy goals, actions and outcomes.
We regularly review progress towards our health literacy goals as part of our continuous quality improvement.
We allocate resources to achieve health literacy goals.
Contributing to broader efforts to improve health literacy
We encourage other organisations to improve their health literacy through partnerships and collaboration (eg. sharing information and resources, participating in networks).
We contribute to broader efforts to improve health literacy (eg. by supporting research, or advocating for policy change).