Meeting the needs of diverse communities

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Working to improve the health literacy of our consumers, and making sure that all consumers are able to use our services and participate effectively in our organisation, regardless of their health literacy skills.

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Developing consumer health literacy skills
We work with other services and local communities to build health literacy in the community.
We design our services and resources to make it easier for consumers to:
communicate effectively
identify and manage barriers to health and wellbeing
make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing
maintain their health and wellbeing
Meeting the diverse needs of consumers
We make sure our resources and services are inclusive by:
making sure our resources reflect the diversity of our consumers
having ties with key people and organisations that represent the different communities we work with
using research and local knowledge to make our services and resources more relevant and welcoming for all consumers
Our resources and services meet the needs of people with specific communication needs (such as impaired vision).
We support consumers to participate in advisory groups and ensure they are valued and heard.
We offer to pay, reimburse costs, or find other ways to make sure consumers’ time is valued when they participate in our advisory groups.